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East Rand Solar – the best Solar geyser prices

East Rand Solar takes an innovative approach to saving energy through the supply and installation of various solar systems. In today’s world, more and more people are being made aware of the fact that we need to use alternative forms of energy as there is a huge strain on natural energy sources. In this day and age, we are growing more concerned with our environment and are trying to constantly find alternative and cost effective ways of saving energy. Let East Rand Solar help you in your home and business to reduce those rising electricity costs and in doing that, change the environment for the better.

Our solar panels are available in various sizes and are made from the best materials. We will make sure that you choose the panel best suited for your home or business as we want you to get maximum use from the panels. Our staff are specifically trained and qualified in the solar industry to assist with any queries or questions that you might have concerning choosing solar energy as your alternate energy saving source. East Rand Solar, are also considered as one of the top solar geyser suppliers.

South Africa is a “sun” country as the sun shines almost all year round. Take advantage of that by installing a solar water heating system for use in your home or for your pool. Our panels are strategically placed on the roof of your home to maximise the sun’s energy. The heat that is “caught” in the solar panels is stored through the solar heating system to ensure that you get hot water throughout the day and night. East Rand Solar can supply you with the best in solar water heaters. By installing a solar water geyser, we can guarantee that you will see a marked reduction in your electricity account. East Rand Solar can turn your home into the most economical and environmentally conscious home in your neighbourhood!

Solar geysers in Gauteng

East Rand Solar understands the huge strain your electricity account can be every month as well the dent it makes on natural resources. We can promise you that through the use of our solar geysers, we will be able to reduce your electricity account by 40% to 60% that is a massive saving! East Rand solar are not only solar geyser suppliers we do solar geyser installation as well. Our solar geysers work on a high or low pressure system which is designed to circulate water (in the daytime) through your existing geyser with a circulating pump. Very high temperatures are achieved in solar geysers. As our solar geysers come with a 5 year guarantee, we will make sure that your solar geyser system is working at all times. If you are looking for the best solar geyser in Gauteng, look no further – East Rand Solar is the best choice for you! Our solar geyser prices are the most competitive in the market

If you are looking for Solar geysers in Gautengsolar water heating, solar water heaters, solar water geyser and solar geysers you have come to the right place. Need to find out a bit more about our products and services? Give us a call on 082 976 9747 or 071 129 0749, send us an e-mail at or even better, come and visit our showroom which is situated at 161 Nigel Road, Selcourt, Springs. At East Rand Solar, we are equipped to deal with all your solar energy needs.